A thousand mile journey is begun with a single step.

Yoga can take us on a Journey far beyond our wildest expectations.

Yoga isn’t just about stretching the body and doing some breathing. Though that is generally where we start. And it’s a great place to start. The physical body is something we can understand. But how well do we know our own bodies?

Generally we come to Yoga because of a physical aliment or ambition. During our first class we reawaken parts of our body we have totally disconnected from and begin to experience our body in a whole new way. This is just the beginning of the Journey.

Yoga provides the springboard with which to experience a larger and more colourful life. It draws us to live up to our fullest potential, giving us the courage, wisdom and energy to follow our deepest heart desires.

Yoga gives us a way to move mentally into stillness & experience ourselves as we truly are. It is through this process we begin to open, evolve & move towards a more contented and fulfilling life.

All that, through the simple step of taking a Yoga class.

Join the Revolution

Joy Yoga offers classes suitable for the very beginner through to those studying their Yoga teacher training. The welcoming studio is spacious and light-filled and provides everything you need to start and continue your Yogic Journey. All equipment is provided with the facility to buy anything you might need for a home practice.

It is the closest Yoga studio for those living in Moe, Newborough, Trafalgar, Willow Grove, Narracan, Tanjil, Yallourn & Yallourn North. It is situated in Central Gippsland and offers regular intensive classes for those coming from further afield.

Call on 0437 107 979

Hope to see you in class!

“Don’t move the way fear makes you move.
Move the way love makes you move.
Move the way joy makes you move.”

7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi, I am interested in starting yoga , can you please tell me when your beginner classes are in moe
    and yarragon
    Thanks Kylie

    • Hi Kylie,

      Thanks for your interest in our classes. Beginner’s class is on a Thursday at 6pm. If that time doesn’t suit you could try 7.45pm on Tuesday. Have a look on the Classes page as there is a timetable there. Perhaps you went straight to the Beginner’s page.
      Let me know if I can help more.

  2. Hi just wondering if you take on pregnant ladies…
    I’m 14 weeks, a personal trainer/strength coach and l did yoga through my last pregnancy and it was great.
    Thanks for your time hope to hear from you soon

    • Hi Bonnie. Congratulations! Yes, there are a couple of classes that might be suitable. Come and try the Tues 7.45 – 9pm class to start if you can. That’s nice a gentle. If that doesn’t suit you can try the Thurs 6 – 7.30pm beginner’s class. Hopefully one of those times works for you. Get in touch if they don’t as I might be able to help you find something that does suit, here or elsewhere. Lucilla

  3. Couldn’t find a contact number sorry Lucilla,
    Interested in starting Yoga Tuesday nights 6pm.
    I am a Pilates & Fitness Instructor but new to Yoga

  4. Hello I’m interested in joining yoga as I have anxiety and have been told it will help me , I am new to this and have no idea how yoga works ,can you please email me some information and do you think it will help me also I would like to know when I could come and what I have to bring and how much it would cost please thank you Leanne

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